Molly Trolley

Our two trolleys are near replicas of the first horse powered, then electric cars that serviced the Seacoast from 1897 to about 1927 before the big three torpedoed mass transit around the country, with help. They are built by Molly Trolley of Wells, ME which is the only manufacturer of all aluminum trolleys in the country(of eight). We follow much of the original system, over spurs and rails still buried below the tar in the area, never moved.

Our trolleys were purchased specifically for private clients, the first and third were brand new. Both never have and never will run during the winter months, reflected in their meticulous condition and are not a bus or shuttle conversion to mimic a true trolley experience.

The rear of both are either open air or enclosed, depending on weather, to give our clients a much better “up close” experience, be it a tour or event. Its oak and brass are reflective of the understated elegance of a bygone era and they NEVER run in the winter months, something you’ll appreciate when you see them. Unlike the trolleys of old limited by track, their power plants are Ford RV chassis, propane powered for a while, then converted back to reliable, realistic, more easily serviceable gas engines. Our trolleys survive and thrive on non grant, permanent, fossil fuel power plants.

We pride ourselves on taking care of them, so please consider Seacoast Trolley while visiting the Seacoast for whatever you have in mind! Thanks.....

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